Ugh, another coding blog?! Why?!

Hey, Why not?

It’s true.

This is another coding blog

But it’s from a regular dude.

You see, up until not so long ago I was living the average life. I was average. The only thing I wanted was to just play it safe. I’m not proud of that at all, but to be honest I’m grateful I could go through that path because eventually, after living in Hungary in two different years (the first time as an Erasmus student, the second as an EVS volunteer, it brought me to the best a-ha moment of my life: when I discovered web development. It truly was that good.

In code, I found what I didn’t elsewhere. I found freedom.

Family Guy explains code

web dev described by Family Guy

This picture from Family Guy sums up pretty well what coding is in my own view. Because just as Peter and Brian lure James Woods with candies as baits, code lures me (and hopefully you) with its languages and concepts. The only difference is that while James Woods gets trapped in a wooden crate - he stops eating candy - we can keep learning forever (I hope there is internet in Heaven).

That’s also part of the beauty behind code. When you think you know it all, when you start getting comfortable, that’s the time you start deprecating as a developer and realize there is so much more to learn. It rings a bell for me because I never liked monotony. Code offers the opposite.

Enjoy your job

I came back home last summer, I had no options left but to look for a job.

I looked at myself: what good could that bring in the long term? What’s the point of working all day long if you don’t enjoy it. I don’t get those who consider work just work: it represents how we spend a significant time of our lives. It’s how we spend most of our days. It must be invested in something we thrive to wake up to every single morning, if not most

With “those” I don’t address the people who need a job, even if temporary, to escape a difficult situation. I don’t address them because they are the kind of people who have a goal in mind and work towards changing their lives for the good, they know well that their current job is indeed only current. I understand them. I did that too.

I’m addressing those who work for the mere purpose to make ends met. That’s takes a person to a mental breakdown down the line.


So I ditched that. No more. No mas. Finish. Basta.

I did things in the wrong way too many times. I put others’ needs before me too many times.

That is where I come from. That is where I don’t want to go back anymore.

My purpose here is to document my journey from solo learner to professional web developer, I want to prove that it’s possible and that everybody can. And while I do it I want to contribute to community (our) learning.

In September 2017 I decided to stop fouling myself. I decided to take responsibility for my life. I decided to pursue a career in web development.

A month later I was selected to participate in the Google Developer Scholarship challenge, along with other 20 000 people.

Recently, in mid-February, I was grateful to be one of the lucky 1% who was selected to receive the full scholarship, a six months long program covering web development widely. It’s teaching me to build responsive websites by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and its advanced libraries such as jQuery and React.

Planned contents

For this blog I have many ideas in mind, all can be narrowed in the following categories:

  • document the scholarship I’m in right now, the Google Developer Scholarship sponsored by Google and taught via Udacity
  • interviews with professional web developers
  • my life
  • tutorials
  • walkthroughs on projects I built

I’m truly excited for what’s to come.